Human Resource Management

Program Type
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

In the Bachelors in Human Resource Management program, students learn to manage the development of employees in organizations and to provide related services to individuals and groups. Students study personnel and organizational policy, human resource dynamics and flows, labor relations, gender roles, civil rights, and human resources laws and regulations. Students also learn about motivation and compensation systems, career management, employee testing and assessment, recruitment and selection, job training programs, and the management of human resources programs and operations. An internship may increase your chances of finding a job in this field. 

The Human Resource Management major prepares students for the complex nature of human resources. Students will be exposed to all areas of Human Resources to prepare them to take the Human Resource Certification Test. In addition to the major in Human Resource Management, all students will also receive a minor in Business Administration.

HR Training & Development Concentration and Minor in Business Administration

Students in the B.S. in Human Resource Management degree may also earn an optional concentration in Human Resource Training and Development that helps prepare students to help improve the effectiveness of organizations by developing employees’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance. In addition, completing the major in Human Resource Management with a concentration in HR Training & Development also satisfies the requirements to receive a minor in Business Administration.

Related Occupations

Graduates of the Bachelors in Human Resource Management program find various positions including employee benefits manager, compensation manager, director of industrial relations, employment interviewer, job analyst, labor relations specialist, human resources manager, human resources recruiter, or training/education manager.

Degree Requirements

  1. Limestone's required Competency & General Education courses
  2. A total of 120 credit hours
  3. The required courses listed below (48 credit hours)
  4. Additional Mathematics course from MA115 or 116 (3 credit hours)
  5. Additional Business or Human Resource Management courses from FI312, MG318, MG323, MG350, MK300, or any additional HR courses. (9 credit hours)
  6. An optional Human Resource Training and Development Concentration requires HR305 plus additional elective courses from HR220, HR324, HR435, or HR490 (9 credit hours); Note, MK300 is a prerequisite for HR305.

* This major includes one AWE course (3 credit hours)

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