Course Descriptions

Course Name Prerequisites Credits Minimum Grades and Prerequisites
BA315 - Business Law I 3
BA316 - Business Law II 3
BA317 - Legal Issues in Technology 3
BA324 - Managing Diversity in the Workplace 3
BA420 - World Trade and International Business MG300, EC204 3
BA442 - Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategies 3 MG300, MK300, EC/BA360, FI312, AC207, EC204, BA310 BA215
BA452 - Business Policy AC207, AC208, MG215, BA315, FI312, MG300, MK300, EC203, EC204 3
BA490 - Business Internship 3 or 6 Junior or Senior status, a minimum 2.8 GPA, and a letter of recommendation from a Business and Economics department professor.
BA500 - Foundations in Business 0
BA540 - Organizational Ethics 3
BA670 - Strategic Management 3 All other courses in the major.
BI101 - Introduction to Biology I EN100 4
BI102 - Introduction to Biology II BI101 4 "C" or better must be made in Biology 102 to take any other course in biology (exception: students wishing to take Biology 210 must make a "C" or better in Biology 101 or Biology 110.
BI107 - Environmental Science w/o Lab EN100 3
BI108 - Environmental Science (w/Lab) EN100 4
BI110 - Fundamentals of Biology EN100 4
BI113 - Human Biology w/out Lab EN100 3
BI114 - Human Biology (w/lab) EN100 4
BI203 - Botany 4 BI102 with C or better, or permission of instructor.
BI210 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 BI101 or BI102 or BI110 with a C or better.
BI211 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 BI210 with a C or better.
BI220 - Ecology and Experimental Biology 4 BI101 and BI102 with a C or better in both.
BI250 - Microbiology for Nursing and Health Science 4
BI282 - Genetics 4 BI102 with a C or better.
BI285 - Medical Terminology 3 EN101 or EN103
BI302 - Zoology 4 BI101 with a C or better.
BI303 - Comparative Anatomy 4 BI102 with a C or better.
BI307 - Microbiology 4 BI102 with a C or better.
BI308 - Molecular Cell Biology 4 BI282 with a C or better, and CH110 and CH111.
BI309 - Exercise Physiology 3 BI210 and BI211, or permission of the instructor.