Criminal Justice

Program Type
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Criminal Justice is an exciting and ever-changing field of study, with new information gained each day. New technology and techniques continually push the boundaries of information gathering in Criminal Justice and students will become conversant in these areas. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program gives students the opportunity to study the fascinating issues of crime and justice.  The program prepares them to enter the field at entry and middle management levels as justice practitioners or go on to academic graduate and research pursuits.  It is an interdisciplinary study of law enforcement, judicial courts, and correctional systems within political structures with attention given to legal, social, managerial, and administrative issues as well as the perspectives of social-science research used to further and improve the efficacy of the field.

Students will learn both practical and theoretical applications to components of the criminal justice system, emphasizing the decision-making process and consequences inherent with legal and social influences.  They will also be exposed to research methodologies relative to both social science and applied research in the field.  As our society continues to grow, so does the need for careers in this field.

Students who are already working in the criminal justice field may find that after completion of this program they will be afforded greater opportunity to advance to mid-level and upper-level positions. The program prepares graduates to work in the criminal justice field and continue their education in graduate studies or law school in the United States.


A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice will help prepare graduates for job opportunities as a corrections officer, a police detective or investigator, an FBI or other federal agent, a security guard, a probation and parole agent/officer, a police officer, a park ranger, a security officer and manager, a private investigator, a fraud investigator, an insurance investigator.

The degree will also prepare graduates for admission to law school or to seek certification as a paralegal


Degree Requirements

  1. Total of 120 credit hours consisting of the following:
  2. All Limestone University required Competency & General Education courses (27 hours; 33 including the math and history requirements noted below)
  3. Elementary Statistics Course to fulfill Competency and General Education requirements as well as major degree requirements (3 hours)

  4. United States History II Course to fulfill Competency and General Education requirements as well as major degree requirements (3 hours)

  5. The required Criminal Justice Major Core Courses as noted below (34 hours)

  6. Additional upper-level (300 or 400 level) Criminal Justice Courses (18 hours)

  7. Additional elective courses in Business Administration, History, Political Science, Psychology, or Social Work (9 hours)

  8. Additional Criminal Justice or General Education Electives as needed (26 hours)

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