CJ498 - Senior Seminar

This course will serve as the student’s culmination of their research process begun in CJ497—Research Methods in Criminal Justice. The student will ensure the previously submitted work from the prerequisite course is properly prepared for review by the Limestone University Institutional Review Board (IRB), submit said work for approval, and facilitate the proposed research design. In this course, students will focus on effective completion of the IRB process, effective facilitation of a research design, proper analysis and discussion of data and findings, and presenting/publishing research and relative findings. The course will culminate in the student presenting their work and findings at the Limestone University Research Symposium. Students wishing to do so will also be encouraged to formally present their works and findings at academic conferences attended by faculty and/or formally publish their work.



Successful completion of CJ497 with a grade of “C” or better, Successful completion of MA200, Criminal Justice major, final semester of college or Criminal Justice work, and all other Criminal Justice courses completed or in the process of completion
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