Course Descriptions

Code & Name Credits Prerequisites Minimum Grades and Prerequisites
HI401 - History Research Project 3 HI400
HI490 - Public History Field Experiences 1 to 3 18 hours of history courses and should have at least a 2.50 GPA in their history courses.
HN102 - Academic Honors Seminar 3 Admission to the honors college.
HN120-420 - Honors Colloquium 1 Admission to the honors college.
HN295 - Special Topics in Honors 3 Admission into the honors college.
HN425 - Honors College Capstone 3 Admission to the honors college and ID2XX.
HR103 - Introduction to Human Resource Management 3
HR201 - Training Material Design 3 CS102, EN101
HR209 - Multimedia in the Classroom 3 CS102
HR303 - Compensation and Benefits 3 MG300, MK300
HR305 - Organizational Development 3 MG300, MK300
HR311 - Staffing and Labor Relations 3 MG300, MK300
HR324 - Managing Diversity in the Workplace 3
HR401 - Performance Management 3 MG300, MK300
HR420 - Staff Development and Training 3 MG300, MK300
HR450 - Advanced Human Resource Development 3 HR420
HR452 - Strategic Human Resources Management 3 AC207, BA310, BA315, BA316, EC203, HR303, HR311, HR401, HR420, MG300, MK300, PS101
HR490 - Human Resource Internship 3 or 6 Senior status, a minimum of 2.8 grade point average, and recommendations from two business or HR department professors.
HS210 - Ethics and Professionalism in Health Care 3 EN100
HS250 - Microbiology 4 BI210, BI211
HS301 - Healthcare Genetics and Genomics 3
HS306 - Epidemiology and Public Health 3 MA200, grade C or better.
HS406 - Pathophysiology 4 “C” or better in BI210 and 211 and successful completion of 4 hours of CH105 or 110.
HS452 - Health Sciences Capstone Course 3 Completion with a C or better of program core courses including HS210 and HS306 or permission of instructor.
HS606 - Epidemiology and Public Health 3
ID111-411 - Strategies for Learning 1 Must have the permission of the instructor. (5th year and other students may take this course for zero credit, with permission from the instructor.)
ID150 - Academic Inquiry 3
ID201 - Transition Success 3
ID301 - Critical Thinking 3 Junior standing and completion of Limestone's Verbal and Quantitative Skills Requirements (English 101, 102, 105).
ID305 - Academic Research 3 EN101 and EN102, or EN103.
ID400 - Senior Seminar 1
IS150 - Global Issues 3
IS201-222 - Global Experience 3 EN102 or 103, students must have completed 35 credit hours with at least 16 at Limestone. Additionally, all participants must be at least 18 and be in good academic and financial standing.
IS250 - Cross-Cultural Communications 3 EN101 with a grade of “C” or better.
IS360 - World Trade and International Business 3 MG300, MK300
LG300 - Sport Law 3 SM 100, SM 201, or permission of the professor
LG315 - Business Law I 3
LG316 - Employment & Labor Law 3
LG317 - Legal Issues in Technology 3
LG320 - Legal Process 3 EN102
LG335 - Courts Theory, Process and Practices 3 CJ201 or permission of the instructor.
LG340 - Criminal Procedures 3 CJ201 or permission of the instructor.
LG440 - Constitutional Law 3 Junior or Senior standing, or permission of the instructor.
LG475 - Diamond Resort Legal Internship 15 Junior or Senior status, requires a minimum 2.8 GPA, a recommendation from a business professor, and approval from Diamond Resorts.
LG490 - Legal Issues Internship 3 Junior or Senior status, a minimum 2.8 GPA, and a letter of recommendation from a Business and Economics department professor.
LG560 - Legal Issues in Business 3
MA104 - Recreational Math 1
MA110 - Mathematics for the Liberal Arts 3
MA111 - Mathematics for Teachers I 3
MA112 - Mathematics for Teachers II 3