Transient Permission/Summer Work at Other Institution

Limestone students desiring to take coursework as a transient student at another college must seek transient permission by the Registrar or Provost by completing the form at Transfer credit will not be awarded without the completion of the permission form. Approval must be granted prior to completing the course for transfer credit to be awarded. Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will be accepted. 

For approval to be granted:

  • A grade for the course at Limestone has not been assigned including a grade of "W", "WP", "WF", or "NF".
  • The course is not part of their 15 hours for an Associate Degree or 30 hours for a Bachelor Degree at Limestone, 
  • All prerequisites for the course have been met at Limestone,
  • The student is in good standing, academically and financially, and 

No more than a total of 15 semester hours of correspondence course credit will be accepted toward the associate or bachelor’s degree.

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