Student Complaint Procedure

A student complaint is defined as any dissatisfaction occurring due to a student’s belief that any academic or non-academic situation affects the student unjustly or inequitably.

The student has the right to raise a complaint and have that complaint considered with courtesy and objectivity and in a timely fashion, and without fear of prejudicial treatment. The following procedures are applicable for a student with a complaint:

  • The student should first discuss the matter with the person or persons directly involved in an attempt to resolve the complaint through informal discussion. The student should make their advisor aware of the situation if the advisor is not directly involved.
  • If there is no resolution, the student should discuss the matter with the appropriate first-level supervisor or administrator verbally and in writing. The written statement should include a narrative of the situation and the individual with whom the discussion took place. If no resolution is reached, the student may present a written complaint to the appropriate vice president or academic dean.
  • If reconciliation has not been achieved, the student may then schedule an appointment with the Provost after submitting a written complaint to them using the Student Complaint Form found in The Halo.
  • If after meeting with the Provost, the complaint is not reconciled, the student may schedule an appointment with the President of the University.
  • If after meeting with the President of the University, the complaint is not reconciled, the student may choose to file an NC-SARA complaint with the South Carolina Council on Higher Education. Contacts at the CHE can be found on the Council on Higher Education website.

Students with a complaint against a Limestone University student, faculty, staff, or administrator for sexual harassment, discrimination, assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking should contact the Title IX Coordinator or one of the Designated Deputy Coordinators. Visit the Title IX website for more information.

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