Student Bereavement Policy

Standard Student Bereavement Policy

If a student experiences a death of an immediate family member as defined below, the student will be excused from class for funeral leave, subsequent bereavement, and travel considerations.  According to the process outlined below, the student will provide appropriate documentation and arrange to complete missed course work as soon as possible.

Upon notification, each faculty member shall excuse the student from class according to this policy and provide an opportunity   to complete missed exams, quizzes, and other required work.  Ultimately the student is responsible for all material covered in class and must work with each professor as soon as they return to complete any required work.

Immediate family shall be defined as spouse or domestic partner; natural, foster, or stepparent, grandchild, grandparent, sibling, or child; the child or parent of the spouse or domestic partner; any relative residing in the same household; or any relative of the spouse or domestic partner living in the same household.

If a death occurs to a family member or friend not specifically covered by the policy, students can communicate the circumstances to the Provost's Office to determine on a case-by-case basis if this policy applies.




Students who experience the death of an immediate family member must contact the Provost's Office (121 Curtis Administration Building, 864.488.8242) before their absence if they wish to implement the Standard Bereavement Policy.  The Provost's Office has the right to request a document that verifies the death (e.g., a funeral program or death notice).  Typically, this death involves that of an immediate family member as defined above; however, it is up to the discretion of the Provost's Office to determine if a death outside of the immediate family warrants implementation of the student bereavement policy,

Students requesting a religious accommodation should also contact the Equity and Inclusion Office (Fort D201, 864.488.4394).  The staff will engage in an interactive process to find a reasonable accommodation.

Upon approval from the Provost's Office, the student is allowed up to four (4) consecutive days (not including weekends or holidays) of excused absences, commencing from the day of the death of the loved one.  Should the student feel that additional days are needed, they should discuss them with the Provost's Office at the time of the initial request.  The student and Provost's Office will determine the length of the extension for the missed work.

The Provost's Office will discuss the absence of the work extension with the student's advisor and faculty.  Faculty will be advised that the work extension must be granted to the student starting from the first day after the excused absence period.  Consideration for academic assistance and the opportunity to complete a course through these alternative arrangements are at the instructor's discretion.

Students will consult with their advisor, on a case-by-case basis, as to whether they should withdraw from their courses during this leave of absence or request incompletes from the faculty member.

All information and documentation supporting these procedures must be accurate and authentic.  Submitting falsified records or documents or forging signatures will subject the individual to disciplinary action by the Director of Community Values.



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