Special Class or Seminar

299, Class or Seminar, is open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Credit, 1-3 hours.

499, Class or Seminar is open to juniors and seniors. Credit, 1-3 hours. Seminars, numbered “499” and individually titled, are offered on an ad hoc basis in all majors and within the Honors Program. The purpose of a seminar is to explore a limited or special area which does not easily lend itself to a normal course format. The objectives of the seminar are to aid the student in developing the ability to investigate issues, to understand the issues’ significance in a broader context, and to effectively present results of research both orally and in writing. Seminars may be offered by any professor with the approval of the academic division involved, and are open to any upper-level student. Those intended for use in the Honors Program are designated as “499-H,” and must be approved a semester in advance by the Honors Committee. They are open to upper-level Honors Students, and other well-qualified students past their freshman year, by invitation of the professor.

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