Students desiring readmission to Limestone University after a period of 12 months from the last course date, must follow the steps below:

  1. Submit a completed application and appropriate application fee to the Day Campus or Online Admissions Office, Limestone University, 1115 College Drive, Gaffney, South Carolina 29340.
  2. Submit official transcripts of all college work since the student’s last attendance at Limestone University to the Day Campus or Online Admissions Office. Remember that until this official transcript is received, and you are officially accepted as a degree-seeking student, you will not be able to receive financial aid. An application is valid for 12 months if the process is not completed. After 12 months, the student must reapply and resubmit all transcripts. A student that has not started classes 12 months after the acceptance date must also reapply.
  3. Students who are on academic suspension from their previous institute will not be readmitted to Limestone University until the terms of that suspension are satisfied.
  4. Following acceptance for readmission, the student will be required to complete degree requirements under the current academic catalog.

*Students who have attended another institution with transient permission since their last class of attendance at Limestone University will remain in their original catalog year unless accreditation or regulations prohibit.

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