Professional Communication

Program Type
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The communications landscape of the 21st century is constantly changing, and those who enter the field of communications must be able to work in diverse environments with an ever-expanding toolbox of written, spoken, and visual skills. The B.A. in Professional Communication prepares students for this brave new world of communication through an interdisciplinary program that includes a strong liberal arts foundation and courses in Writing, Speaking, Graphic Design, Computer Science, Storytelling, Marketing, and Communication Studies across multiple media.

The major in Professional Communication is an interdisciplinary major which draws courses from English, Art, Computer Science, Business, Interdisciplinary Studies, and International Studies as well as Communication.

Related Occupations

Graduates are prepared for careers in communications in business, non-profit, and civic or religious organizations handling communications in the areas of writing, social media, marketing, digital video production, promotions and public relations, meeting planning, training, and more.

The major prepares entry-level communication professionals to design and convey messages for various audiences across a wide range of old and new media.

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