Music Program Facilities

Facilities have been an administrative priority to ensure a pleasant learning environment for students taking part in Limestone’s Program of Music.

Fullerton Auditorium: Fullerton Auditorium accommodates a variety of performance needs, and seats 965. Fullerton Auditorium is perfect for a variety of performance needs. Completed in 1964, Fullerton Auditorium is home to an Aeolian-Skinner organ, built-in 1946 by G. Donald Harrison who also built the famous organ in the Mormon Tabernacle two years after constructing the one housed inside Fullerton. The organ at Limestone is valued at over $500,000.

Carroll Fine Arts Building: Limestone students enjoy everyday instruction in the Carroll Fine Arts Building. Opened in 1925 and restored in 1993, this building houses a music technology lab, practice rooms, classrooms, faculty studios, and a formal recital hall for small, more intimate performances.

Limestone Theatre: The Theatre Department is primarily housed in the Limestone Center Theatre, which is housed inside the Bob Campbell Field House. Included is a cozy 150-seat proscenium theatre that provides an intimate showcase for a variety of productions, including musical theatre.


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