Limestone University Financial Aid is limited to the direct cost of tuition, required fees, and room and board. A satisfactory Grade Point Average and total cumulative hours are necessary for the continuation of financial aid. No institutional financial aid will be granted to cover the cost of lab fees, fines, private music lessons, and/or private room charges.

Limestone scholarships, grants, employment program, and athletic awards are funds restricted to students enrolled in the Main Campus Program as full-time, degree-seeking students unless the donor establishing the scholarship or fund specifies other criteria for eligibility. Any student who drops below full-time status will lose eligibility for all scholarships/grants. The only exception is if it is the student's last semester prior to graduating, at which time, all Limestone scholarships/grants will be reduced to reflect this status (i.e., 3/4 time students will receive 3/4 of scholarships/grants).



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