History - Pre-Law

Program Type
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Students interested in earning a degree in History also have the option of including a Pre-Law concentration in their studies. This program of study allows students to study History in conjunction with Criminal Justice in efforts to prepare students for a career in the legal field. 

Related Occupations

Students are prepared to enter graduate programs that prepare and certify them for professional careers in the legal field.

Degree Requirements

  1. Limestone's required Competency & General Education courses
  2. A total of 120 credit hours
  3. The required courses listed below (33 credit hours)
  4. A Mathematics course from MA110 or above (3 credit hours)
  5. Two Legal Elective courses from CJ201, 335; LG315, 316, 317 (6 credit hours)
  6. Two History Elective courses from HI341, 342, 343, 344, 345 (6 credit hours)

* This major includes one AWE course (3 credit hours)

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