Graduate Program Grading System

The semester credit hour is the basic unit used by Limestone University to measure student work. One semester credit hour represents in student learning outcomes and achievement the equivalent of one classroom hour of instruction and two (2) out-of-class hours of work for 15 weeks. A three-credit-hour course traditionally represents three (3) in-class hours and 6 out-of-class hours each week for 15 weeks. Online programs (7½-week sessions) use identical student learning outcomes and course expectations as the equivalent traditional 15-week courses and represent 6 in-class hours and 12 out-of-class hours each week. Limestone University faculty assign credit hours based on an equivalent standard of work to lab work, studio work, practicum courses, and internships.

The academic standing of a student in the various courses is indicated as follows:

Graduate Program Grading Scale    
Passing Grades Percentage Grade Value
A 90% and above 4.0
B 80-89% 3.0
C 70-79% 2.0
Non-Passing Grades (No Credit Awarded)  
F 0 Failing  
WP N/A withdrew passing  
WF 0 withdrew failing  
I N/A incomplete  


I Grade

"I" - A mark of "I" is requested by the student and approved by the instructor and the Dean, when due to extenuating circumstances such as illness, a student is unable to complete the work assigned in a course. It is understood that to receive a mark of "I", all completed work (minimum of 75%) in the course must collectively be at the passing level or above. The mark of “I” must be removed within 30 days from the end of term. Failure to complete required work will result in a grade of “F”. An incomplete must be requested at least one week before the class end date. Students cannot withdraw from a class after an "I" has been issued. In determining the Grade Point Average the mark of “I” (Incomplete) will not be considered.

F Grade

Any admitted student receiving a grade of F in a graduate course will be automatically placed on academic probation and will be required to repeat the course. Only the higher grade will be counted in computing the grade point average (GPA), although the lower grade will remain on the official transcript. No more than two (2) F’s may be repeated. If a student earns three F’s in the program, he/she will be dismissed from the program.

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