Grade Appeal Process

If a student receives a final grade he/she believes is incorrect, and the student wishes to appeal the grade, he/she must proceed in the following manner:

  • Present and review the concern with the instructor and attempt to resolve the issues concerning the final grade. All concerns must be presented in writing.
  • If the concern is not resolved with the instructor, then the student should submit an appeal to the appropriate Academic College Dean using the online grade appeal form on the Limestone University¬†website. Appeals must be submitted to the appropriate Academic College Dean within 30 calendar days of the grade being assigned.

Grade appeals will be considered for the following reasons:

  • The final grade assigned was miscalculated according to the grading scale established for the course.
  • Grades were not assigned in accordance with the assignments, examinations, etc. as outlined in the course syllabus.
  • Students were not treated equally in terms of the manner in which grades were calculated for the course.

A decision concerning the grade appeal will be made as soon as possible, normally within 30 calendar days of submission to the appropriate Academic College Dean.

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