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Financial aid regulations are mandated by regulatory bodies and are subject to change. Students must abide by current regulations rather than by those in effect at the time of first matriculation or found in previous statements concerning financial aid policies. In regard to financial aid regulations, the statements and information from the financial aid officer and that office supersede all other sources and all other sections of the University catalog. The scholarship and financial aid programs are designed to recognize students of superior ability and to enable qualified students to attend Limestone. Parents and students are expected to contribute to the cost of attendance according to their means. However, realizing that college educational expenses are a major part of a family’s budget, Limestone provides an aid program of scholarships, grants, loans, and work to assist students who without financial aid would be unable to attend.

Information on financial aid is available by calling 1-800-795-7151, extension 8231, during normal University office hours, by visiting the Financial Aid Office website at, or by email at

The following additional information is available upon request from the Student Financial Aid Office:

  • descriptions of and eligibility criteria for all financial aid programs at Limestone University;
  • procedures and forms for applying for such aid; criteria for continued eligibility;
  • criteria for determining good standing and maintaining satisfactory progress;
  • means and frequency of payment of awards;
  • terms of loans including refund policy;
  • general conditions and terms of student employment;
  • and the cost of attending the institution, including direct and indirect costs.

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