General Fees for 2020-2021

Traditional Day Program


Due for

Fall Registration


Due for

Spring Registration


Tuition (Max. 18 s.h.)



Room (Cost Varies, see below)



Board (Full - 21 Meals)



Board (12 Meals)



Day Student Fee (covers access and use of Academic Support, the Health Center (Nurse/meds), Student Activities, Campus Security/ Parking Fees, Technology & Lab Fees)
$550.00 $550.00

On-Campus Housing:



  • Ebert, Eunice, Fort, and Greer (Full Meal Plan required.)



  • Brown Hall (double occupancy, Full Meal Plan required.)



  • Brown Hall (single occupancy, Full Meal Plan required.)



  • Ball Hall (single occupancy, Full Meal Plan required.)



Off-Campus University Housing:    
  • Required to choose between the 21 Meal Plan and 12 Meal Plan
$2,546.00 $2,546.00


Day Campus Program

Students who enroll in fewer than 12 semester hours are classified as part-time students. Part-time students pay $1,050.00 per credit hour.

Students who wish to audit a course are assessed a $50.00 per credit hour fee.

Students who maintain a "B" average may be permitted to take an overload with the approval of the Provost. The overload fee is $250.00 per credit hour for each hour over 18 hours.

Online and Evening students who are approved for enrollment in daytime courses will pay $1,050.00 per credit hour, like any other part-time student.

Evening and Online Programs

Beginning July 1, 2020 (Session 4) The tuition and fee costs for the 2020-2021 academic year for the Evening and Online Programs are:




One (1) credit hour course



Three (3) credit hour course



Four (4) credit hour course




Directed Study Courses (3) credit hours $1,323.00

Coordinated Study Courses (3) credit hours $1,323.00


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