Exam Proctor Information

Proctoring software and testing centers are used to ensure testing security and integrity. Below is information about proctoring for Day Students and Online Program students.


In general, Day students who may need to have tests proctored are to be tested by the Limestone University Testing Center staff. Arrangements for such tests are made directly by the course professor with Testing Center staff. However, on occasion, due to extenuating circumstances, such as a disability, tests may be proctored by an approved, properly qualified individual other than the professor or the Testing Center staff. Approval may be sought from the office of accessibility and/or academic affairs.


For Online courses, remote proctoring software is used to monitor students while taking an exam. This program requires the use of a webcam and microphone (internal or external). There are also computers that can be reserved to use the software at our regionally located Student Success Center locations. The software will record audio and video during the exam, so students should make sure to follow the guidelines set by their instructors while testing. Students should select a quiet, private space for testing. When accessibility issues or extenuating circumstances arise, the student may work through the office of accessibility and/or academic affairs for a different proctoring solution.

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