Degree Majors and Concentrations

The Limestone academic programs are conducted within the framework of four Colleges: College of Education & Health Sciences, College of Business, College of Humanities & Computing, and the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences. The following disciplines offer baccalaureate and/or associate degrees. Some majors offer specialized concentrations within a major.

Discipline Major/Concentration Degree
Studio Art Studio Art/Studio Art B.A.
  Studio Art/Graphic Design B.A.
Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) Professional Studies B.A.S.
Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) Business Administration B.A.S.
Biology Biology/General B.S.
  Biology/Pre - Medical Studies B.S.
Business Business Administration/General Business A.A., B.S.
  Business Administration/Accounting B.S.
  Business Administration/Economics B.S.
  Business Administration/Finance B.S.
  Business Administration/Law B.S.
  Business Administration/Management B.S.
  Business Administration/Marketing B.S.
  Business Administration/Human Resource Management B.S.
Computer Science Computer Science/Programming A.S., B.S.
  Computer Science /Information Technology A.S., B.S.
  Computer Science/Cyber Security B.S.
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice B.S.
  Criminal Justice/Law B.S.
  Criminal Justice/Forensics B.S.
  Criminal Justice/Public Administration B.S.
Elementary Education Elementary Education (Grades 2-6) B.A.
  Elementary Education/Early Childhood Add-On B.A.
English English B.A.
  English/Writing B.A.
Health Care Administration Health Care Administration B.S.
Health Sciences Health Sciences/Generalist B.S.
  Health Sciences/Pre-Athletic Training B.S.
  Health Sciences/Pre-Nursing B.S.
  Health Sciences/Pre-Occupational Therapy B.S.
  Health Sciences/Pre-Physical Therapy B.S.
History History B.A.
  History/Pre-Law B.A.
Human Resource Management Human Resource Management B.S.
Kinesiology Kinesiology/Human Movement Studies B.S.
  Kinesiology/Strength and Conditioning B.S.
  Kinesiology/Exercise Science B.S.
Liberal Studies* Liberal Studies A.A., B.A., B.S.
Mathematics Mathematics B.S.
  Mathematics Education (Grades 9-12) B.S.
Music Music B.A.
  Music/Pedagogy/Performance B.A.
  Music/Church Music B.A.
  Music/ Music Business B.A.
  Music Education (Grades K-12) B.A.
Nursing Nursing-BSN  B.S.N.
  Nursing-RN to BSN B.S.N.
Physical Education Physical Education/Teacher Education (Grades K-12) B.S.
Professional Communication Professional Communication B.A.
Psychology Psychology B.S.
Social Work Social Work B.S.W.
Sport Business Sport Business B.S.

*A student may not receive a double major with Liberal Studies as one of the majors.

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