Course Descriptions

Code & Name Credits Prerequisites Minimum Grades and Prerequisites
TH302 - Acting: Style 3 TH102 or permission of the instructor.
TH303 - Musical Theatre Performance I 3 MU119, TH102
TH307 - Directing 3 TH102 or Permission of Instructor
TH308 - Playwriting 3
TH309 - Advanced Theatrical Design 3 TH125 or Permission of Instructor
TH310 - Musical Theatre Performance II 3 MU119 and TH102 and TH303 or Permission of Instructor
TH312 - Junior Qualifier 1-3
TH319 - History of Musical Theatre 3 EN101 and EN102 or EN103
TH325 - Theatre Digital Design and CAD 3 TH110 or TH125
TH330 - Sustainability in the Arts 3 TH110 or TH125 or permission of instructor
TH401 - History of Theatrical Performance 3 TH103 or permission of the instructor.
TH405 - Shakespeare in Performance 3 TH102 or permission of the instructor.
TH407 - Advanced Directing 3 TH307 or Permission of Instructor
TH480A - Student Production Lab: Directing 1-3 TH307
TH480B - Student Production Lab: Acting 1-3
TH480C - Student Production Lab: Design 1-3 TH110
TH480D - Student Production Lab: Playwriting 1-3 TH308
TH490 - Theatre Internship 1-3 Permission of instructor, hiring agreement with a professional company and a minimum 2.5 grade point average.