Course Descriptions

Course Name Prerequisites Credits Minimum Grades and Prerequisites
AT387 - Basic Pharmacology and Nutrition in Athletic Training 3 Admission to the Athletic Training Program, and/or permission of the Program Director.
AT388 - Athletic Training Practicum V 1 AT289 and/or Permission of the Program Director.
AT452 - Senior Seminar 2 Senior Status, admission to the Athletic Training Program, and/or permission of the Program Director.
AT481 - Organization and Administration of Athletic Training 3 AT180, admission to the Athletic Training Program, and/or Permission of the Program Director.
AT488 - Athletic Training Practicum 1 Senior standing, and/or permission of the program director.
AT489 - Athletic Training Practicum VI 1 AT388 and/or permission of the Program Director.
AT490 - Athletic Training Internship 6 Senior standing, and a minimum cumulative and major 2.5 grade point average.
AT500 - Emergency Care in AT 4
AT501 - Taping and Bracing 3 Admission to the M.AT.
AT510 - Clinical Experience I 1 Current certification in either American Red Cross Professional Rescuer CPR or American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers. Admission to Master of AT.
AT511 - Clinical Experience II AT500, AT501 2
AT512 - Clinical Experience III AT511 2
AT513 - Clinical Experience IV AT512 1
AT514 - Clinical Experience V AT513 2
AT515 - Clinical Experience VI AT514 2
AT516 - Clinical Experience VII AT515 3
AT517 - Clinical Experience VIII AT516 2
AT520 - Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis I: Lower Extremity AT500, AT501 3
AT521 - Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis II: Head/Spine AT520 3
AT522 - Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis III: Upper Extremity AT521 3
AT523 - Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis IV: General Medical Conditions and Pharmacology AT522 4
AT530 - Therapeutic Interventions I: Lower Extremity AT500, AT501 3
AT531 - Therapeutic Interventions II: Head/Spine AT530 3
AT532 - Therapeutic Interventions I: Upper Extremity AT531 3
AT533 - Therapeutic Interventions IV 2
AT540 - Evidence-Based Practice I 3
AT541 - Evidence-Based Practice II 3
AT542 - Evidence-Based Practice III 3
AT550 - Health Care Administration and Professional Development NU501 4
AT560 - Health Care Informatics 3
AT570 - Quality Improvement 3
AT575 - Clinical Experience 3
BA103 - Introduction to Business 3
BA104 - Personal Money Skills 3
BA200 - Elementary Statistics 3
BA215 - Business Communications EN102 3
BA218 - Enactus 1
BA220 - Enactus 3
BA310 - Ethical Issues in the Workplace 3
BA315 - Business Law I 3
BA316 - Business Law II 3
BA317 - Legal Issues in Technology 3
BA324 - Managing Diversity in the Workplace 3
BA360 - World Trade and International Business 3 MG300 or MK300
BA442 - Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategies 3 MG300, MK300, EC/BA360, FI312, AC207, EC204, BA310 BA215
BA452 - Business Policy AC207, AC208, BA215, BA310, BA315, BA360, FI312, MG300, MK300, EC203, EC204 3
BA475 - Diamond Resort Business Internship 15 Junior or Senior status, requires a minimum 2.8 GPA, a recommendation from a business professor, and approval from Diamond Resorts.
BA490 - Business Internship 3 or 6 Junior or Senior status, a minimum 2.8 GPA, and a letter of recommendation from a Business and Economics department professor.
BA500 - Foundations in Business 0
BA540 - Organizational Ethics 3