SW622 - Field Instruction III: Advanced Social Work Practice

The third unit of field practicum is the third course of the advanced practice field placement for students in an advanced level of MSW education specializing in Children, Youth and their Families, Health and Mental Health, or Community, Social and Economic Development.  Content will be directed at the attainment of advanced-level competencies and practice behaviors. Particular attention will be focused on dealing with complex case situations, appropriate selection of interventions depending on client context (individual, group, family, organization, community), and skilled use of self and other resources as it pertains to each student’s chosen specialization within the advanced practice concentration. Day to day instruction during this course is provided by an organization-based field instructor with coordination through the field education practicum model led by the Director of Field Education. Therefore, the specific learning experiences and meeting dates (typically Mondays and Tuesdays) scheduled for students will be tailored somewhat to the resources of the organization as well as the needs of the student.



Students must complete 125 hours. This course can only be taken if the first units of advanced year coursework which include SW 507 and SW 511 have been completed.
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