SW420A - Field Practicum

Students must work as a social work intern 25-30 hours per week (for a minimum of 400 total clock hours) at a social service agency under the supervision of a social worker who meets CSWE qualifications. Lab Fee.

Note: The Field Manual is available online and contains all the information needed to prepare and apply for field.  Applications should be completed at least 3 months prior to the field start date. The BSW program's deadline for submitting the Field Application is 30 days prior to the field start date (however, this date may be too late for many field agencies to be able to accept students, therefore we encourage students to have the application submitted 3 months prior to the start date). Any student who is unable to submit a completed application (including an Agency Affiliation Agreement that has been signed by all 3 involved parties) prior to the deadline will have to wait until the next cycle of fieldwork.

For complete information about the field application process: http://limestonecollege.formstack.com/forms/fac



Completion of all general education and social work major required courses or permission of the field director.
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