ML104-404 and 135-450 - Music Major/Minor Applied Lesson

Applied instruction (private lessons) is offered to all music majors and minors in the areas listed below. The lesson is one hour long. Co-requisite: Participation in the appropriate ensemble and in a weekly seminar.

Instrument Freshman-Sophomore Junior-Senior
Drum Set ML104, ML204 ML304, ML404
Double Bass ML134, ML234 ML334, ML434
Flute ML135, ML235 ML335, ML435
Oboe ML136, ML236 ML336, ML436
Bassoon ML137, ML237 ML337, ML437
Clarinet ML138, ML238 ML338, ML438
Saxophone ML139, ML239 ML339, ML439
French Horn ML140, ML240 ML340, ML440
Trumpet ML141, ML241 ML341, ML441
Trombone ML142, ML242 ML342, ML442
Euphonium ML143, ML243 ML343, ML443
Tuba ML144, ML244 ML344, ML444
Percussion ML145, ML245 ML345, ML445
Voice ML146, ML246 ML346, ML446
Guitar ML147, ML247 ML347, ML447
Piano ML148, ML248 ML348, ML448
Improvisation ML149, ML249 ML349, ML449
Composition   ML350, ML450




Prior to registering for Piano applied lessons (ML148, 248, 348, 448), students must complete piano proficiency.
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