SLO5: Social Science

Use social, political, global, or cultural perspectives from the study in the social sciences or foreign languages to analyze present-day issues, and forces shaping the future. (3 credit hours) Choose from the courses listed below, any Global Experience Course (IS201-222), or any foreign language.

BA103 - Introduction to Business

CJ102 - Introduction to Criminal Justice - Non CJ Majors

EC204 - Principles of Macroeconomics

EC211 - Economic Geography

EC350 - United States Economic History

HC311 - Health Care Policy and Politics

HI110 - World Civilization I

HI111 - World Civilization II

HI112 - United States History I

HI113 - United States History II

HI214 - Non-Western Civilizations

HI303 - Critical Issues of the New Millennium

HI321 - The Birth and Death of the Soviet Union

HI325 - Latin American History

HI334 - The American South

HI338 - African-American History

HI341 - Colonial and Revolutionary America

HI344 - America between the Gilded Age and the Second World War

HI345 - America in Recent Times

HI346 - US-Middle East relations, 1914-present

HR103 - Introduction to Human Resource Management

HS101 - Introduction to Public Health

IS150 - Global Issues

PO101 - Introduction to Political Science

PO242 - American National Government

PO243 - State and Local Government

PO341 - Comparative Governments

PO342 - International politics

PS101 - Introduction to Psychology

SO201 - Introduction to Sociology

SO202 - Contemporary Social Problems

SW101 - Introduction to the Helping Professions