KI492 - Strength and Conditioning Internship

Candidates will be responsible for obtaining an internship position in a college, private, professional, or high school strength, and conditioning setting in order to gain work-related experience consistent with his/her area of study. The student will have a faculty supervisor as well as an approved site supervisor to direct and supervise the student's daily activities. Also, the student will be required to make his/her formal application to the Program Coordinator and site supervisor as well as to complete the necessary paperwork the semester before the actual internship. More information on this process is available from the Program Coordinator. A student is expected to complete 125 hours to earn a 3-semester credit, or 250 hours for a 6-hour credit. No more than one internship may be taken in the same semester. Students supply own transportation.


3 or 6

KI324, KI326, KI331, KI401, and Senior status Strength & Conditioning major with a minimum of 2.5 GPA or approval of Program Coordinator
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