ED210-211A - Tutoring Practicum

This course will enable students to become trained as peer tutors. The course will aid peer tutors in recognizing and working with students with learning discrepancies in a variety of subjects. This will give education majors valuable work experience in their field. It will also give other students practical experience as tutors and elective credit for providing a needed service to fellow Limestone students. This course must be taken by all student tutors working in the PALS program at least once within their first calendar year of hire. This course will focus on teaching study skills to aid students with memory enhancement, note-taking, and gaining the most information from reading the text. Students may enroll in ED210 as a credit course for as many as four semesters; after four semesters students may repeat it as a non-credit course.


0 or 1

A grade of a C or better in ED 200, EN 101 and EN 102, Sophomore status, 3.0 GPA in tutoring subject area or recommendation of the instructor.
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