Coordinated Study

A coordinated study course may be offered to a junior or senior student by a Limestone faculty member when the student’s special circumstances do not allow enrollment in a classroom or the Evening or Online version of the course. The coordinated study course requires individual meetings between the faculty member and the student (in person or online) on a weekly basis. Coordinated study courses must last a minimum of seven and a half weeks and consist of at least eight (7) meetings between faculty and student. Faculty members may supervise no more than two (2) coordinated study courses per semester. A student is limited to two (2) coordinated study courses during his/her time at Limestone. A coordinated study course may not be taken to repeat a course. Any exceptions to the above policies must be approved by the Office of the Provost.

  1. A student must submit a written application for Coordinated Study on the appropriate form available in the Registrar’s Office,  Online Office, or on the Limestone website. The form should be submitted by the add/drop deadline of the term or semester in which the coordinated study will be conducted. Coordinated studies may not begin before receiving final approval by the Dean of the appropriate college.
  2. Because coordinated study courses require a significant commitment of a faculty member’s time, these courses must be approved by the supervising faculty member, the department chair, the school dean, and the Provost prior to the anticipated start date.
  3. A student has one week from the time the Coordinated Study materials are distributed or mailed to withdraw from a Coordinated Study without penalty (less $200.00 nonrefundable course tuition).

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