College of Education and Health Professions

The College of Education and Health Professions presents an opportunity to study Education, Nursing, Health Sciences, Athletic Training, Healthcare Administration, Physical Education, Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice. Various concentrations are offered within some of these majors. The degree requirements are described in the following pages.

Minors are offered in Coaching, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Physical Education, and Psychology.

Dean: Dr. Shelly Meyers

  • Department of Behavioral Science (8 faculty)
    • Department Chair: Dr. Michelle Phillips-Meek
    • Academic Programs: Psychology, Criminal Justice, (Political Science)
  • Department of Education and Kinesiology (8 faculty)
    • Department Chair: TBD
    • Academic Programs: Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Physical Education
  • Department of Nursing and Health Sciences (5 faculty)
    • Department Chair: Ms. Vanessa Fulbright
    • Academic Programs: Nursing, Health Sciences, Healthcare
    • Administration, Athletic Training
  • Department of Social Work* (11 faculty)
    • Department Chair: Mr. Henry Hiott
    • Academic Programs: Social Work (Bachelor's and Master's)

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