College of Business

The College of Business presents an opportunity to study Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Management (general and Human Resources) and Marketing. Various concentrations are offered within some of these majors. The Master (M.B.A.), Bachelor, and Associate degree requirements are described in the following pages.

Minors are offered in Business Administration, Health Care Administration, International Studies.

Dean: Dr. Paul Lefrancois

  • Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance (6 faculty)
    • Department Chair: Dr. Angela Williams
    • Academic Programs: Business Administration: Accounting, Finance, Economics
  • Department of Management ( 10 faculty)
    • Department Chair: Dr. Michael Scharff
    • Academic Programs: MBA, Business Administration: General, Management, Sport Management
  • Department of Marketing and Administration (5 faculty)
    • Department Chair: Dr. Dale Guffey
    • Academic Programs: Marketing, Business Administration: Legal Studies, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Training and Development

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